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hotcoffee: It appears to be an undecided situation. I've tried to analyse this completely - if there are any mistakes I do apologise.

White kills  

hotcoffee: If B2 doesn't connect, white can capture 2 stones and black has dead shape (below). If B4 at 'a', W5 at B4 and black is short of liberties.


If Black doesn't defend against the atari, then White will capture two stones with W3. By symmetry there are only 3 variations based on where B2 is placed (excluding a sensible tenuki). As Black can only make a bent-3 or 2x2 square eyespace, he is dead. eg. in this position 'b' and 'c' are miai for the kill.

hotcoffee: Black lives with B1 below. Two less obvious variations are below. For the unshown variations, if white ataris two stones, black connects and is alive.

Black lives with 1  

There are several variations of white attacks, in most cases white has 3 ko-threats, before the aji is gone and black is untouchable.

Black lives  

B3 is also appropriate if W2 is played at 'a' or 'b'.

Black also lives with 1  

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