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Hi guys would like to help go beginners and make friends, and of course, taught by expert players

Chalx (6-7k): Uh.... I offer myself as a pupil, hope you will consider helping me. My go is "walking on darkness", you surely can spread some useful light in front of me...

tartuffe (3-4k): I'd be up for teaching games, too. It would be great to have multiple games with the same teacher!

humppa (15-13k): Hello sydboy79. I willingly offer myself as an interested beginner student being addicted to go. It would be great if you contacted me via KGS ( => humppa ).
Thank you very much in advance...

LegendsEnd (7-9k): I also wish to apply to be your student on the KGS Mentoring Scheme, been stuck around 7-9k for awhile now so I need to find a teacher to help me breakthrough, hope to hear from you

QWerner (17k): I am searching a teacher since a few months. May be you have fun to teach me. I learned go at chrismas this year and I am currently 17k. If you want you can send me an E-Mail

sjd123 (11k): Hi! I'd like to be your student as well, my account on KGS is sjd123. Email if your interested. Thanks.

EpicNaruto (16k): Hello, i would like to find a mentor and i think you would be a perfect teacher for me. I have been searching for a teacher since i started, and I have been obviously unsuccessful. My account on IGS and KGS is EpicNaruto. Email if you are interested, Thanks so much. If you know of anyone else who's looking for a dedicated student, please let me know or tell them about me. Thank you again.

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