Stringo is a Go variant. It differs from Go in the following aspects:

  • Your score is the number of strings of your color on the board in the final position. If both players have the same number of strings, whoever has more stones on the board wins. As usual, a string is a stone along with all other like-colored stones one could reach from it through a series of steps between orthogonally adjacent stones of its color.
  • The button is used. If both players have the same number of strings and the same number of stones at the end of the game, the player who took the button wins.
  • The pie rule is used in order to make the game fair. This means White will have the option, on their first turn only, to swap sides with their opponent instead of making a regular move.

In a similar variant called Stogo, your score is the product of the number of strings of your color and the number of stones of your color on the board.

Luis Bolaņos Mures designed Stringo and Stogo in February, 2021.


Black wins with 10 strings to 1.  

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