Stanley Style Go

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Stanley Style Go is a unique playing style developed by the KGS identity 'Stanley'. This style involves the Stanley Standard Fuseki, several attachment techniques (Wall Attachment?, Wall Vital Diagonal Placement?), the Push and Teleport, a new 3-3 variant (Stanley 3-3 Joseki), and amazing sabaki skills.

Fwiffo: Out of curiosity I had to look up some of Stanley's games - I was surprised by his level of success - he's 9 kyu currently. I don't know if this is because of his Stanley style or in spite of it. I recommend everyone take a look at a few of his games - they cannot be adequately described in words. A warning though - you may find yourself wishing you had taken the blue pill.

ChrisSchack: I just looked ... talk about Greedy Go...

Alex Baxter: Certainly an interesting player. Everything seems to be a contact, then a pushing battle. I think, though, that Stanley gets caught up in small moves too often (ex. connecting a bamboo joint because it would be one point in yose when a giant moyo needs to be invaded), and often his groups are small and shut in. I don't know if so much pushing and so many empty triangles are amazing sabaki techniques. Stanley rarely sacrifices stones. I played Stanley once, and won basically by staying calm and not being afraid of bold moves. Make him live small and deny the Speculative Invasion that comes later on. -- Alex Baxter, 7k KGS

Jared: I just played someone named 'khkh'. Look at my game with him on 7/5/2004. He is a 3k. I am convinced that he is stanley or stanley's mentor.

Hu: Aside from a tendency to contact plays, not at all "exactly like" Stanley. Most obviously, Stanley's fuseki is radically different.

Cylon Bunny?: Update (aug 7 2009), Stanley is now a 2D. However his style is not (quite) the same as described here.= anymore.

Matt: Stanley is 2D because it's a different player. The account expired and is now used by someone else who just plays normally.

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