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fractic: Black should start with B1. If White plays W2 she can't save all her stones. After B5 black either captures the three white stones inside or the two at the bottom in a snapback.


fractic: W2 is a stronger resistance but B3 forcing W4 is a clever move.

The end result  

fractic: B1 finishes it off. White can't play at a because of snapback.

Possible alternative to previous suggested ending  

Iz?: I am a complete amateur, but why not W2, forcing B3, followed by W4, forcing B5 to live and ending in sente? What is it that I am missing here? .

Two eyes  

Bill: Instead of connecting with B3 in the above diagram, Black simply captures three White stones at 5 (black+circle in this diagram). That leaves Black with two eyes, as this diagram shows. :)

Iz: Thank you. I was looking at the problem the wrong way. It is an example of double snapback not just a problem for black to end up in a superior or even position (which he clearly does not).

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