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Imprecise wording of capturing rule

Flower: I just reread the Simplified Ing Rules and found the rule of capturing a bit imprecise:

  • A play removes stones of every region without adjacent empty intersection. Removing opposing regions takes precedence over removing own regions.

I certainly agree that this rule is crystal clear for anyone who has prior knowledge of Go. Yet for a complete beginner the "Removing opposing regions takes precedence over removing own regions." part is too ambigous. He would not know if either:

  • 'All regions which had no liberties prior to ones move are removed' (quite counter intuitive, but still a possible interpretation)
  • 'All regions which had no liberties after ones move are removed' (sure, opposing region removal takes precedence but it is not stated that this voids own region removal)
  • 'All regions which had no liberties after a move and still have no liberties directly prior to their removal'

Well I think it is not a big matter and that otherwise they are worded perfectly. (Which is kind of proved by me nitpicking at such a miniscule point :)

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