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Whenever I quit a game before it is over, please be patient and wait (up to) 5 minutes. I will return ASAP.

About me

I'm a german 1st kyu player and thus, some of the content of this page is in german. If you have any question I would be glad to answer it. Just send me an e-mail or contact me on KGS.

schwing is my nickname on KGS (and several other Go-Servers). Formerly started as wingschwing on [ext] .

That's me: [ext]


  • Currently organizing Leagues A1 and A2 of the study room [ext] Tensai
  • I'm the captain of the team Argus Augsburg of the 4th division of the german [ext] Go Bundesliga



  • If I have seen further it is by standing on ye shoulders of giants" Isaac Newton (zurückzuführen ist das Gleichnis wohl auf Bernhard von Chartres (1130))
  • tsumego: wer lesen kann ist klar im Vorteil
  • schwing [-]: kannst dir schon denken, worauf ich hinaus will, oda?
    BillKew: dass es ein langer steiniger weg wird, go zu spielen
  • und dann war da noch das Leben und Tod Problem in der Ecke bei der Steinigung


Bad-User Index

jldl - rude player
mcmc - escaper
haidong - chinese rasist
goeurope - escaper, rude
fruitdrops - escaper
calban - escaper
ymingfang - escaper
thuyetkkk - escaper
tps3 - rude player
niuyan - sandbagger
msanthrope - rude
breizhnoz - escaper


Begin: 01/2005
9K: 10/2006
5K: 02/2007
4K: 05/2007
3K: 06/2007
2K: 08/2008
1K: 04/2009

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