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SOP could stand for supposition, or sum of positions it is similar but slightly distinct from SOS. Its calculation is not supported by any known tournament directing programs. Its worth has not been proven, but I see no reason why it is any worse than its fellows. It is rather laborious to calculate by hand!

This possible tie breaker suggested by Ian Davis (based upon the [ext] dead link provided in the original version of this page).


SOP is designed to give a measure of who has played with the hardest opponents in achieving a certain score. It is calculated at the end of the tournament from the final Mc Mahon Score.


At the end of the tournament the participants are arranged according to their MMS. We then consider the list of opponents to determine a SOP by which to separate ties.

  • If the opponent is in nth place he contributes 1/n to the SOP
  • If you have 3 people sitting in 3rd place then you add (1+1+1)/(3+4+5) to the SOP, note the next position is 6th place in this instance.

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