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SODOR is a tiebreaker that should be related closely to SODOS. It can be one of the following

  • the Sum of Defeated Opponents' Rating
  • the Sum of Defeated Opponents' Rank

Example of its Calculation

Imagine you have opponents with ratings as follows 2100, 2000, 1900, 2000, 2100 You win the first three games, and draw the fourth, before losing the last. Your SODOR is 7000 Ranks can follow the same procedure, but there is a need to define which rank you want to take: Peak rank, Current suggested rank from EGF, Self professed rank, etc

Is it any good?

Well that's hard to say, but it is probably close, in terms of reliability, to SODOS. We can make the following pretty neutral statements about this tiebreaker:

  • The rating variant is particularly likely to be able to produce a clear winner on tiebreak if different players are involved.
  • It relies on the ranks/ratings being accurate in order to be meaningful.
  • All player ranks/ratings should be up to date at the start of the tournament.
  • It takes into account only part of a player's performance.

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