Difficulty: Intermediate   Keywords: Tactics

This page gives (some) answers to the VariousMoyos quiz. I've tried to keep things to one diagram per moyo, giving only simple sequences. I'm afraid my commentary is a little poor. Some editing would be very much welcomed.

Links to other pages still needed.

Narrow double wing  

A 3-3 point invasion is natural and good

Double wing  

This one depends a lot on the surroundings. If you can get an answer like 2, then 3 is still reasonable.

Also think about a shoulder hit on the 3rd line stone, and then a knights move approach to the 4-4 from the other side.

Reinforced double wing  

A 3-3 invasion is about all white can get.

Wide double wing  

Invade the wide extension. A 3-3 invasion would be too generous. Also expect a pincer and jump into 3-3.

1 point jump low double wing  

Get the 1,2 exchange in first, then the 3,5 invasion is ok. 6 is one way to get a ko, but black can't really reasonably fight it without more reinforcement.




1 point jump high double wing  

When the wing is high, it may very well be more interesting to separate it and leave an attackable group. 7 doesn't have to be played immediately, but it might replace 5

If black tries a pincer, it just leaves the 4th line stone worse off, and the 3-3 invasion still possible.

If the marked stone isn't so interesting to attack, try the point 1 below 7.

Knight's move  

1 is the magic point. It gives access both into the corner and the side, so white will get one or the other. Lots of variations though.

3-3 point gives only a ko.

Large Knight's move  

When its reasonable to get pushed towards the marked black stone, 1 gives some nice results.

Large Knight's move, reinforced extension  

Better go into the 3-3 point here. Perhaps you can get the 1,2 exchange in first.

Watch out for the sequences where black hanes on the second line!

High moyo  

A 3-3 invasion is natural. black can play 4 to reduce its size, but white can still tenuki after 8.

White can also try 2, but expect to take gote.

Page initially created for the 2004 West Surrey Teach In by BrianBrunswick

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