Real 3-D Goban

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In this category fall gobans which actually have 'liberties' in three dimensions. In order to have a regular goban, crystal lattices as encountered in chemical molecules have served as inspiration.

Stacked cubes provide inside points with many liberties (up to eight*), and it is difficult to attack groups. Similarly with stacked pyramids (up to 12 - even worse).

So far, the most 'playable' alternative found has been the 'diamond' lattice for carbon.

Henry SEGERMAN has gone quite far here, and proposes a working 3D goban, and also has a computer program which allows you to view and play on a 3D goban. Check out his site [ext] here.

Lukas Biewald created a 3D lattice based game, but the associated webpage no longer exists.

There is a marble stacking Go variant by Cameron Browne called [ext] Margo. It can be played on [ext] Richard's PBeM Server. Cameron has written a free [ext] ebook on how to play.

Brett Nelson created a 3D go program, more information [ext] here.


  • How up to 8 liberties with 3d Cubes? Maximum should be 6 in 3d, 8 in 4d.

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