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Google isn't intended as a news server. It is possible to use it that way to read RGG, but that's not what it was designed for. It's an archive, just as DejaNews was (That's why X-No-Archive makes posts invisible in Google Groups). If you want full-featured USENET browsing - including unarchived posts and killfile options - you'll need an NNTP server and a capable newsreader such as slrn or tin. You can find NNTP servers for low fees ($5 or so a month), plus there are always a few free ones (though their group propagation is fairly poor). Your ISP probably offers one, as well; try setting the 'server' portion of your client's configuration to, or somesuch.

Suggestion: the usenet server [ext] is cheap and very good.

unkx80: For Windows users, the built-in Outlook Express already provides newsreader capability.

pajaro: [ext] isn't free anymore. I asked to an admin of another server to include this group, but he couldn't find any peer. Does anybody know any that can be used?

Malweth: I use [ext], which is free after a small setup fee (US$3.95).

[ext] is a free news server (text-only/no binaries).

Contributors: Blake, Tamsin, mgoetze.

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