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Timm(5k): I don't see a way for White to save his stones, sorry ;(

Herman: What if I told you the problem is white to play and kill... :)

OscarBear?:I am only a poor bear, and I really don't get this problem

Some exchange.  

tapir: W7 is sacrificing white stones for three black stones, if you want to do anything at all, consider W7 at a.

Timm: This problem is vicious. At least I wasn't wrong with my last comment. :P Thanks Herman for the hint !


The problem becomes easy after noticing that this shape is dead.

Also dead!  

W1 and W3 remove eyes in sente, W5 prevents Black from connecting there to make a seki, also in sente, and W7 removes Black's second eye.

tapir: W5 is not necessary. To be seki the other black stones would need to live independently.

Timm: Indeed...

This problem reminds me of a recent Go Game Guru problem, in which having an extra false eye in the vital space similarly reduced it. The problem led to this shape :

White's dead.  

Even after W1 White's still unsettled, while she obviously would have been alive if she had had a stone at a.

unkx80: Timm, congrats for solving the problem!

I guess to the old timers out there, this problem is too typical of my style. :)

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