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postneo (a contradiction) is a gnugo bot I run out of Brisbane, Australia. Mostly it hangs in the Australia Room, but during Brisane go club online meets, it hangs there instead.

It's running on an Athelon 800, running Fedora Core2 linux, sun java, kgsGTP.jar, gnugo. More cpu power would help ;) but you'll have to wait until I'm richer.

I recently set it up under some daemon monitoring software so that it should reconnect when everything breaks ... should be ok but is untested at the moment :)

This robot is maintained by andi,

6th Nov 2004 A robot is born ... runs out of Brisbane, Australia

13th Nov 2004 kgs admins enabled robot ranking. well, postneo started on a rank of 5kyu (are you serious ??) and quickly dropped to a more realistic 10kyu (which I still think is overated ... )

12 Nov 2004 Altered to run under qmail's supervise daemon for autorestart after network dropouts. messed with logging, not happy with logging.

16 Nov 2004 Updated software from 3.5.10 to 3.6-pre4, which seems faster, we'll see if it's more stable. logging is also now running as standard qmailish multilog. Much faster/better.

22 Nov 2004, Found that GnuGo will only use one CPU in a dual cpu system, so it's wasting 50% of it resources ... doh! Patched 3.6 pre rel 4 to update to full ver 3.6. Seems to have compiled alright. This thing really gets thru the games, 433 in about two weeks .... Settled at 12k .. bit more realistic.

25 Nov 2004, Updated to GnuGo 3.7.1, really need to update some serious horsepower on my server, but it's a low budget priority at the moment.

1/1/2005 Updated to vers. 3.7.1, changed picture to "steve the super villian" (google it, very funny flash animation, kinda geeky humour)

31/1/2005 Updated to ver 3.7.2.

7/11/2006 Long time between edits, now runs 3.7.10, and kgsGtp 3.3.8. Runs 2 postneo bots on a 2.6G P4

Enjoy :) andi (12kyu, today)

17/1/2008 It's been a while and most of the above is no longer true. postneo/(2)/(3) are now running on an AMD 64 bit dual core under fedora 7, gnugo 3.7.10, kgsgtp 3.3.19

Enjoy, andi (8kyu, today)

postneo last edited by Unkx80 on July 26, 2008 - 20:03
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