Phantom Rengo with 3 Boards

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3 Board Phantom Rengo is a variant of Go for four players and a referee. Two players (Black and White) share a board, set up so that they can't see the other two players' board. (also Black and White, so you are on a team with someone sitting at the other board). The referee has a board of his own.

The first to play is Black at board 1, then White at board 1, Black at board 2, White at board 2.

The players play stones on their own board and the referee then copies the move made on his own board, after checking whether the move is legal (i.e. does not try to occupy an intersection on which someone from the other board has already played or is committing suicide). The referee tells the players what the result of the move was.

If the move could be performed normally he says: 'Black has moved'.

If the move was illegal he says

  • 'there is already a Black stone there,'
  • 'there is already a White stone there,'
  • 'this is suicide,' or
  • 'you can't take the ko back now' (not very common)

When it's your turn, you can try to play until you find a legal move.

If the move leads to capture, the referee says 'Black has captured the following stones ...' after which he points out exactly which stones where captured on both boards.

To give fair warning to the players the referee also warns when groups are first put into atari.

A snapback sounds like this:

 Black plays and puts a white group into atari.
 White captures one stone and puts himself into atari.
 Black captures seventeen stones.

For speed, the game is best played on a 13x13 board.

victim I shamelessly stole most of the above from Phantom Go.

This game is much more interesting than Phantom Go. At first it feels like two normal games of go interfering with each other. You will play a big move and find that it's already there, so you seem to have two moves in a row. Or the opponent has already played there... Also, maybe you think your group is alive but your partner at the other board has inadvertently filled one of the eyes...

This variant is very funny for the referee and spectators.

Anonymous: Couldn't a game like this be implemented on one of the go servers?

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