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This is PegasusKnt's Page. Yup.

....what the heck? I have my own page? Jeeze, somebody could a told me......

Ahem. so..... I guess I should fill this with informative stuff, like my name, hobbies, and nonsense like that. But, silly reader, that is information that must earned, not just given out like free food at a Switsanavian banquet.

But since you came all this way, I will regale you with a tale of my youth. When it came to pass that I became 5 years of age, my father, a Lumberjack by the name of Yovonivich Honmasen Ph.D Esquire, decided that it was time I learned of the family trade. So he took me to the highest mountain in Switsanavia, where a great tree grew that no lumberjack had ever been able to cut. He then handed me a hatchet and told me to cut down the tree. So I lifted the hatchet, and, nearly cutting off several fingers, made a small scratch in the tree with it. At this point, I believe my father was about to relate a heartwarming parable comparing myself to a tiny sapling and my life to the great tree. I say believe because he never got past the first word. A few moments after I finished with my halfhearted slice, the greatest bolt lightning I had ever seen in my young life struck and felled the tree with a mighty clap of thunder; leaving my father utterly frightened and dumbfounded. Seeing this, he did what any sensible switsinavian father would do.... .... ...and ran away screaming believing me to be a cursed demon child. Well, with nothing better to do, I wandered around the mountain aimlessly for a few hours, eventually stubling upon a go salon. It was there that the monks taught me to play go. 12 years later, I wandered down the mountain and started a farm. And here I am today.

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