MoGo vs Steenvreter

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MoGo (white) against Steenvreter at ICGA 2007 tournament.


Opening I  

uurtamo suggests W10 at a.


Opening II  

Double hane at B3.

Fight I  

Black cuts.

Fight II  

Squeeze. W5 at the marked stone.

Fight III  

Sylvain Gelly (MoGo author) gives MoGo mainline at W7 and W9.


MoGo mainline at move 34  

Winning probability estimation 74%. B2 is stupid and the line is too optimistic.

MoGo mainline at move 36  

Estimation 81%. W7 is odd.

Magnus Persson (Viking author): "Normally making an eye is good in the semeai, and in random playouts it is a winning move in this position. But here it gives black time to win the semeai against the stones which are not protected by the eye."



Persson initially believed that the sequence to W9 is a disaster for Mogo playing white. But: "I don't quite see why this position is lost for white. What is the refutation for White A5?" Magnus: There is no refutation - I have a blind spot for this move... This is a reason I think these programs will be hard to beat on 9x9 soon for me at least. I overlook too many weird moves that works well.

MoGo mainline refuted  

W5 connects at W2. The line is given by Seo Sanghyeon


Fight IV  

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