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I'm a 19 year old guy from rural Australia who likes Go, Computers, Free Software, and generally making a fool of myself.

I started playing go sometime last year properly, although I gave it an attempt sometime before that, having learnt of Go through my interest in programming. When I first started I merely understood the (few) rules, and two eyes alive.

I'm currently 15kyu, but I think I am getting stronger every game. Whilst I wish to become stronger, I am going about it in a leisurely sort of way. So far, most of my improvements are thanks to the generous folks of the KGS teaching ladder.

My favourite aspect of Go is undoubtably the opening moves. The huge amounts of viable plays and different strategies you can use is mind boggling. I can't ever hope to have a full understanding of the opening, which is the reason I find it so interesting.

I'm interested in starting a LowbieCompetition although I can't really get it off the ground currently, due to time restraints, unfortunately. All my spare time goes to Go and, unfortunately, Life and Death problems.

Please note, I don't like doing Life and Death problems. It's painful, but I must admit since I've started doing many problems a week, my game has improved a lot!

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