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▲~(^.^~) About me! (~^.^)~

◄Magnus Merikaarnio 1984

►Live in Finland, Säkylä.

▼Started playing September 2002

▲Rated 1kyu

◄Rated 1dan on KGS

►Rated 1dan on ORO

◄Rated 1dan? on IGS

▼Rated 1kyu on TOM


• Peeping makes life more fun.

• Try to cut bamboo with Go stones.

• Ther is life and death in the ko (pae).

• You must be in good shape to figth.

• A dead group is the result of a sacrifice.

• You need a sharp stone to cut the net.

• One bottle of tesuji a day, keeps the opponents moyo away.

• There is you, your opponent and the mutual enemy, the time.

• There is no one stronger!




To be lazy is Genius.

Wisdom comes from hard work.



[ext] (Free Hugs in KOREA)

[ext] (Breakdance: USA Vs.KOREA)

[ext] (Breakdance!)

[ext] (Breakdance/acrobatics training)

[ext] (Breakdance basic training)

Good anime-radio-station:


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