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For go entusiasts who also play Neverwinter Nights (D&D based CRPG), there's now the possibility of doing both at the same time.

That is, when I finish it. There's a small board and stones preview available on the vault (

Currently I'm having big problems with the "capture detection". Mostly that they are captured while still having liberties... I'll likely have to rewrite the whole thing. Anyone who would help? Knowing NWscript is not all that needed.

Also unable to 'reset' the board properly, but this comes as a second priority.

The project has been "on pause" for a while, but I'll get more things done if I have someone encouraging or even helping.

For those more familiar with NWN: (beyond "player") It will use NWNX database functionality to store the games as they are played. Later on, replay functions will be added, and perhaps sgf export/mail as well. In fact, I'm thinking of doing a custom nwnx module to kick up gnugo :)

If anyone would make a custom area tileset with a *proper* board, that would be very helpful too. The current beam effect based grid has several problems, including lines that aren't quite straight, and easy to click in the wrong place on for other reasons too. (The grid is above the floor. Unless seeing from right above, the middle of the cross *might* be in another spot...

Neverwinter nights ->

NickGeorge: I don't know beans about Neverwinter Nights, but I did program a go client a few months back, if you're interested in my (Java) death test, I could post it.

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