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What is it?

The MGA ladder page is a current listing of the ranks within the MGA. It is based on a ladder system created by Chuck Elliot of the Sabaki Go Club, Edmonton, Alberta.

Tournament Director: BlaiddDrwg

Signing Up:

  • To Sign up, please email or leave a KGS message for BlaiddDrwg
  • The Ladder games are only available to MGA members. To be a member of the MGA, please see the MGA web page.
  • Once signed up, your status will automatically carry to the next ladder match.
  • You may drop out any time by sending a notice to BlaiddDrwg
  • Late joiners must start from the bottom of the ladder.


  • Clocks should be used as these games are serious.
  • The winner gets 2 points and the loser 1 point.
  • If a game is not played no points are awarded.
  • After the expiry date total the score for each player.
  • In league A the top position goes to the higest score and so on.
  • In case of a tie, the highest position player is given the higher position.
  • The last position player in league A is demoted to the top position in league B and the winner of league B gets to occupy the last position in leage A for the next round.
  • Ideally there are no handicaps but if the spread is too large allow handicaps about 2 stones less than normally required
  • Each leagues will have 6 players.

In Person Games:

In person games must have a witness, and if possible, be recorded for verification and/or review.

Online Games:

All online games must be free, the beginning of the game should have a listing such as:

MGA Winter Tournament game, League A.

After the game is finished, please notify BlaiddDrwg on KGS or send an Email to to have the game recorded.

Time Settings:

The current time settings will be:

  • 45 Mins Main time,
  • Canadian Byo-Yomi 25stones / 10 mins.
  • Clocks on KGS are easy to set, alfa has a tournament clock in the even an in person game is being played.

Roster:Winter05)(All games must be complete by March 21st 2006)

League A:

League B:

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