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I played White in this game, giving a 2 stone handicap to the black player. Especially against true beginners, I think it's very easy to overwhelm with advice. So I pointed out the losing move, and where it would be better played.

Moves 1 to 10  
Moves 11 to 20  
Moves 21 to 30  
Moves 31 to 33  

What do you think? After B13/W14, black can't win. If B13 had been played at W14, black had an easy game. There were other mistakes, both before and after, but that's the key split/connect that makes the game.

Of course B13 is a losing move, and thus a fine example for this page.

For true beginners however, I would explain the wrong B3 move:

  • It is the first bad move.
  • There's a lot of things to tell about the empty triangle.
  • The empty triangle can easily occur in other games. The cut at W14 is too specific, just for this game.
  • There only a few stones on the board. True beginners can be overwhelmed by too many stones on the board.

So I think the Losing Move isn't necessary the move to discuss to help beginners getting stronger.

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