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Lloyd is a 2k player on KGS, who plays many teaching games for players from 3k to 18k. You can find him around noon (pacific time) playing teaching games in the Beginner Room. Lloyd does not charge for the teaching games.

Opinion of Lloyd's teaching

Anonymous He is an excellent teacher who stresses the fundamentals. Perfect for every level players.

Lloyd is a very nice man who almost nightly plays at one or more teaching games with audio review for weaker players in the KGS Beginner's room, always drawing a small crowd of observers. I owe a great deal for my understanding of the basics: connecting, cutting, base making/stealing, sacrificing, from watching these free lessons. I recommend that weaker players watch a game if they have the opportunity. -Agilis

Koreangrl8: He is on West Coast time. So that is a 3 hr difference for those who are in the East Cost time. He is really almost willing to play anyone.. ^ - ^

Griffin: I like lloyd's lessons too.He has moved down to 5k by the way.

Yoke?: lloyd gets mad at you if you disagree with what he sais and censors you without explaining why your disagreement is not correct. He just sais: "I have censored you because you are not open to my teachings and will never improve that way".

anonymous: Lloyd is a bad 2k player on KGS, who plays too many teaching games for players from 3k to 18k. You can find him around noon (pacific time) playing teaching games in the Beginner Room. He is a horrible teacher who doesn't consider his students opinions.

melgo?: Lloyd obviously likes teaching a lot. As of November 2010, he has played more than 7000 teaching games on KGS. This is more than Pala, breakfast and guojuan put together.

mauricio?: Friendly player, but not a very good teacher i believe. Overplay like crazy. And never explain anything, never show a sequence, only comment on how he beats you (when he does). But very friendly folk who just want to share. (should only reconsider the way he does it)

qian: First of all Lloyd is a very dedicated teacher. I like to teach on KGS myself, and I know first hand when you're constantly playing weaker players, your hand seems to weaken too. Lloyd is very generous to literally share slices of his skill with you, or rather, bestow it *to* you. Lloyd's style is ultra aggressive, which will teach you to play solidly the hard way (by attempting to ruthlessly capture your stones.) In GO, we rarely have opportunities to play games with players much stronger than us, so definitely take Lloyd up for his generosity if you're lucky enough to see his offer.

sipes?: I personally owe much of my early development to Lloyd. He definitely has his own way of teaching, and it may not work for everyone. I find that if I treat him respectfully he does the same for me. He's not one to argue about his teachings, he simply gives you what he thinks, take it or leave it. I'm very thankful for his time and dedication to the GO community, my game wouldn't be what it is today without his guidance.

tomas?: I rather "leave" whatever this "teacher" has to offer. He TELLs you to defend while the handicap game are about learning how to "profit from efficient attack" If you would like to develop messy unthoughtful style of overplaying instead of becoming strong at go - Lloyd has it all for you!

:: isd: Go ahead and leave it then. The guy is a 2kyu, he has a certain style, it isn't a professional one, that's how it is. I think he's perfectly capable of teaching important concepts to beginners, but not the sort of style you'd associate from a professional. He teaches for free, he doesn't deserve ugly comments here about his teaching ability.

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