Latin Go Proverbs

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Of course, we all agree that there are too few languages in the Go-world. Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, some english...

It seems obvious that the discerning Go-player will need to expand into the classic languages for full effect in the coffee-shop. No doubt it will also help the appeal of Go to the 'masses'.

'Real' Latin Proverbs which relate to Go

Divide et impera
Divide and rule
Oculum pro oculo
An Eye for an eye
Mors tua, vita mea
Your death, my life
Qui totum vult totum perdit
Who wants everything loses everything

'Traditional' Latin proverbs with a Go twist

Calculus iactus est
The stone has been cast
Fons vitae oculi
Eyes are the fountain of life

Sounds posh? Go proverbs (badly) translated...


Sex morientur, octo vivunt
Six will die, eight live
Semper instantia ante magna
Always urgent (moves) before big (moves) [2]

Few of my favourites. JH?

Triangulum vacuum malum
Empty triangle is bad
Novicii faciunt atari
Beginners play atari
Si scalas nescis, ludere noli
If you don't know the ladder, don't play
Ludendo go amicos conveni
Meet friends playing go
Ante pelles, pugnum fac
Make a fist before striking
Vir pecuniosus non debet rixosus
A rich man shouldn't pick quarrels

Even rubbish sayings sound better in Latin...

Goban carpere et in murum iacere simulac adversarium ferire
Throwing the Goban at the wall whilst also hitting your opponent (to uppercut : "superlacare"?) [3]
Ludimus ergo sumus
We play therefore we are

Anyone with a better grasp of Latin - feel free to correct/complete

[1] I corrected these a bit according to my taste. Jokke Hasa?

[2] I put this in plural, changed grandia -> magna. JH?

[3] Edited this one also. JH?

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