Latest Round Comparison

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Latest Round Comparison is a theoretical tiebreaker. If two players are tied on the same score then the player who won in the latest round is the winner. It may be necessary to iterate this backwards - so for instance a player who won her last 3 games beats a player who won his last two games. This keeps the tournament interesting for spectators. It is of dubious value otherwise - it doesn't consider anything about a player's performance or the strength of opposition she faced.

  • From 2018 this tiebreaker was used in Group Stage of the EGF Grand Prix Finals, but with the caveat that it only applied to the last round, it was not possible to iterate backwards.


DrStraw: Why is this offered only as an option in a game with female players? That sounds rather discriminatory to me.

tapir: This was a joke to relax in rules discussions. I guess it isn't needed anymore.

guest: Since it is as logical and intuitive as several other tiebreakers, it ought to remain.

tapir: The whole purpose was to ridicule arguments about "keeping the tournament interesting", I am confident javaness would admit that much in an honest moment. It is quite silly that people don't even start to admit that there are legitimate concerns other than "measuring strength" (and make up phony reasoning why their preferred tie breaker is measuring strength to the single sosos point without noise at all) for decisions about tie breakers.

isd: I think that this might actually used in the EGF grand prix system now,

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