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Black to play  

Rich: Nice problem... I like the look of B1. If W2 at W4, B5 makes miai of points 2 and 3. If W4 at B5, black at 'a' leaves white unable to squeeze at W4 because of shortage of liberties.

TimK: If W4 at B5, black at 'a' is self-atari. Black at W4 causes a shortage of liberties.

zinger: Actually if W4 at B5, black at a captures a stone, so it's not self-atari. Also if W2 at B5, then B3 at W4 causes shortage on both sides. Looks like a good solution.

White Failure  

Adammarquis: I thought this defense (W2) was interesting for White, simply because if I follow my first instinct as Black I connect to make a straight three, and White lives by playing at B3. But what I really came here to say is this:

White Failure  

Adammarquis: I looked at this again and again in my head, simply not seeing that White doesn't have the liberties to play W6. I find that shortage of liberties is one of the hardest things for me to see down the line. One last note, because I often have trouble seeing the difference:

Not Seki  

Adammarquis: Not a seki, although I always think it is in games. White will eventually need to connect at 'a', leaving a dead shape. This was one of the coolest problems I've encountered for my level for doing out in my head, the difficulty seemed just right.

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