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Preventing the cut  

Black B1 puts White's marked stone in atari, so White backs off with W2. After B3, White can't play at a as it would be auto-atari (but b is a ko threat). This isn't optimal play by White, though.

LukeNine45: This is how white responded in the actual game, which made me happy.

If white plays differently...  

A ko fight ensues. White has to find the first ko threat.

LukeNine45: This is the solution I had in mind.

Something for later...  

If white can't expect to win the ko fight, she still has the play at 4 for a little more profit later on. This won't work, of course, if white plays and loses the ko. ~Alex Baxter

Something for later... (9 at 4)  

LukeNine45: Does that work? I don't think it should. I know it didn't in the game, but I could have set the problem up wrong...

My goodness...totally missed that extra liberty. Nevermind =).

Mystery Go Player: To show an alternative... W2 is quite troubled. If we can assume that White has up to 5 big Ko threats elsewhere, Black can still win.

White chooses this variation  
White's overblown KO part1  
White's overblown KO part2  
White's overblown KO part3 (White plays Ko threat)  
White's overblown KO part4  
White's overblown KO part5  
White's overblown KO part6  
White's overblown KO part7  
White's overblown KO part8  

White's overblown KO part9


White's overblown KO part10


White's overblown KO part11


White's overblown KO part12


White's overblown KO part13

I know this sequence may seem a bit pointless and pedantic... However, the player needs to remember that an unreasonable play isn't always an impossible play. Simple forcing threats can result in endgame points. BEWARE!!!

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