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Tengen 2003 - Game 3 - resignation  

B1 doesn't work. White throws in at W4 and Black ends up with two liberties against White's three. (B7 at W4)

If White cuts at b, B1 does work, because White b takes away a liberty.

Anon1?: Question: why not B5 at W8? Wouldn't that save the corner, take away a couple points?

Anon2?: If B5 at W8, W6 captures 4 stones, leaving b and the cut at D9 miai to kill something big.

As for the third question ...

Tengen 2003 - Game 3 - resignation  

If B1 - W2 and a secures White's big group in sente or b captures Black's large group. White is ahead in the game, so securing the group is enough.

If B1 at b - which is good style - White c both threatens to capture the cutting stones or to get ahead in the aforementioned capturing race.

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