KGS Team Tournament

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Team tournaments no longer occur.

Results of the 3rd running of the tournament are now given below.

The 4th semi-annual team tournament is underway. The new webpage is at [ext]

This tournament was first run on KGS, May 2003, and it will become a regular event every Spring and Fall. The Fall 2003 tournament has just finished and had over 100 teams entered. The Spring 2004 tournament will start in March.

It is open to all registered players on KGS and teams represent rooms in either the even game or handicap tournament. In each of the even and handicap events there will be a number of divisions of 6 or 7 teams, each with 5 players. Each team plays every other in the division. Winners of each division will be promoted to the next higher division for the next tournament and losers will drop to the next lower division. New teams and players can enter during the registration phase of each new tournament .

For full details of this tournament see the home page at [ext] or visit the "KGS Team Tournament" room on KGS.

If anyone is interested in translating the tournament web pages into any language other than English please send an e-mail to the tournament director at [ext] .

Tournament Winners

Spring 2004

Even Champions: genjitaleC (internetGo-group The Genjitale)
Even Division 2: xUSSR Team (Russian Room)
Even Division 3: Fetid Languor (Canadian Room)
Even Division 4: sachez que nous saurons que vous saviez (Si vous saviez)
Even Division 5: Equipe X
Even Division 6: Gote powa 2 (Gote Powa)

Handicap Champions: genjitaleC (internetGo-group The Genjitale)
Handicap Division 2: Nous savons (si vous saviez…)
Handicap Division 3: Equipe X

Fall 2003

Even Champions: "chinese 361 team" (chinese room)
Even Division 2: "Hubris" ([ext] Chez Hu)
Even Division 3: "Paladins" (Camera Romana)
Even Division 4: "Brettspielwelt" (Deutche Ecke)
Even Division 5: "The Team that needs no Name" (Canadian Room)
Even Division 6: "boubou's team" (Salle Francaise)
Even Division 7: "DraGOns" (Deutche Ecke)
Even Division 8: "black smarties" (Anivision)
Even Division 9: "HuFO" ([ext] Chez Hu)

Handicap Champions: "Hu's Angels" ([ext] Chez Hu )
Handicap Division 2: "The Official Utwig Team" (English Room)
Handicap Division 3: "HUligans" (Hungarian Room)
Handicap Division 4: "xUSSR Team" (Russian Room)
Handicap Division 5: "Nous Savons" (Salle Francaise)
Handicap Division 6: "HuFO" ([ext] Chez Hu)

Spring 2003

Even Champions: "chinese brother" (chinese room)
Even Division 2: "Ikickers Blue" (Arirang Baduk Club)
Even Division 3: "The Birds" (Wings Go Club)
Even Division 4: "Vihta" (Sauna)
Even Division 5: "Touya" (Hikaru No Go)
Even Division 6: "Mig Even Team 2" (MIG Team)
Even Division 7: "FoFolding" (chambre de mediation)

Handicap Champions: "Les Debouchonnes" (Ponnuki)
Handicap Division 2: "2ch Room Team A" (2ch Kiin)
Handicap Division 3: "Hungry Lions" (Hungarian Room)
Handicap Division 4: "Battle Rats" (Russian Room)
Handicap Division 5: "Les Gogogadgets" (Salle Francaise)
Handicap Division 6: "The Dutch Mountains" (Dutch Windmill)
Handicap Division 7: "Du fut - Van't vat" (Belgian Friday Night Club)

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