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I just saw Episode 3 tonight and Yoda plays Go in it!

No, he doesn't, I am kidding.

But he says -- "You must train yourself to let go of the fear of loss"

Good advice for us Go players.

I can see how some people can get caught up in the mysticism of the Star Wars series.


Another important quote is from Obi Wan in Episode 4 "Your eyes can decieve you" - obviously a reference to the dangers of false eyes


The quote was "Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose."

I bet Yoda plays light. (Btw, I don't think this page really belongs on SL)


It's like 3kb of txt, i don't think arno would mind so much... :)


Well, the mysticism of Star Wars and go do have a common thread, which is their relationship to Buddhist values. In Buddhism, the "3 defilements" are attachment, greed and delusion. In episode 3 of Star Wars, all 3 of these are used in getting Anakin to join the Dark Side. Attachment, which is what Yoda's quote relates to, was present in Anakin's attitude towards Padme. This particular attachment was exploited by Palpatine to get Anakin to rescue him from Mace Windu when Mace Windu is about to kill Palpatine. Anakin's greed for power is exploited by Palpatine when Anakin hears about the power to save and extend life and then laments that he isn't being as much of a Jedi as he could be. Finally, when Anakin has been thoroughly seduced, his perspective has been so warped by Palpatine that he calls Obi-Wan his enemy and probably blames the Jedi (or at least Obi-Wan) for the death of Padme. In go, learning not to be attached to stones is essential, as was mentioned on this page earlier. Also, learning to dispense with greed (by not trying to grab too much on the goban) and delusion (by learning the mechanics of go for what they are) are essential to improvement. A much better explanation about this relationship can be found at [ext] I don't know whether Star Wars mysticism was intentionally drawn up with Buddhism in mind. Ask a serious Star Wars fan about that.

-thanatos13: I think we can do better than this. See the tag and the title. It's Yoda humour guys.

link: yoda norimoto

As you can see, Yoda actually does exist, wearing the same attire and he is still good at destroying people, only now, it's on the goban.

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