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Hmmm actually this is more a .... let's say trial .... for fun I entered [ext] http://senseis.xmp.net/?Jazzman in my browser and all of a sudden I can create this. If it works, I will put up more personal stuff here... later :)

Well I wanted to update this page, hoping it will grow and grow with interesting information for you. If you're bored, just go ahead*g* I am a kind of funny guy stuck at 4k at kgs for about a year and hope I will be able to reach shodan ....someday.... enough update for theis time

anyway have a nice day Jazz

p.s.: I don't care that much for spelling so if you find a mistake, feel free to keep it :-)

Thx Celila for my guetsbook, i hope a lot of people emnter something. Altpugh i dont know who ....


  • Hey Jazz ;)
I thought a guestbook would be nice, so here it is ^^ If you don't like the idea, just delete it again. Anyway ^^ I hope your page grows and I'll link it to my page ;) See you soon!
  • Hiho Jazz ^^
Itself was here, too. Greetings from Kiel. cu...
  • Hi Jazz!
Trini was here, too ;)

I am exited....how creative germans can be :-)

Jazzman last edited by on August 6, 2005 - 12:01
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