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After seeing my writings as a 15 year old I seriously hope I didn't actually sound that retardedy and silly o.o

Seventeen years old in a month and working hard as ever! Taking lessons with Battousai and working my way to 4d. Planning to thoroughly enjoy myself the entire way.


I'm a 15 (now 16) year old girl completely in love with Go:-) I've been playing on KGS since Jan 27th 2003. I have lots of accounts but go mainly as Inazuma + InaChan. I'm a Violinist and have been playing since I was three. I wish I had started go at three!

In case you're interested....I have 11 cats!!

E-mail is if anyone needs to contact me.

These are some things I have learned from my life and from my Go.

There is a fine line in go where you show you emotions and where you hold that back for matured play. Learn that play, so that you that under any circumstance you will be able to play wisely and without outer influence.

Go is just another style of hand to hand fighting. Play with respect, all you are is the go you play. Be wise in your play, Go reflects your character.

If you find yourself playing badly and feeling depressed, remember that Go is not work. It is an art. Try to make your art more beautiful that your opponents. You will see just how deep your game can go. Forget about playing bad, just play with all your heart. You will not play badly forever. If you lose all the rest of your games forever just be happy you have come as far as you have and be content that you have understood this amazing game as well as you have. To be the best you would not have anyone to teach you more. Go is about learning. Apply your learning to life. Your Go shows your life and your life your Go.

I'll see ya around KGS^_~

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