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Haruto... crazy aggressive player who believing in the saying "Over play is power play" (only if you can get away with it). Hangs out in too many rooms... and Is the Leader of Seigi No Itte clan. He has been playing Go since September 17, 2004 but seriously started in 2007. He is also know as Fallen and he is 20 years old.

Whats odd about him is the way he found out about go... He says it embarrassing..( but really... its not) -.-

Haruto makes really nice tea


this is a song by kakasai, dedicated to haruto.
kakasai: -ahem-
kakasai: this song is dedicated to my buddy haruto~
kakasai: haru, thanks for being my friend. this one's for you.
kakasai: -guitar check-
kakasai: -clears throat-
takayanagi: >>
kakasai: ♫ OHHHH HARUTO...-strums guitar-
kakasai: ♫ all these years, you know...
kakasai: ♫ you were there for me...
kakasai: ♫ even when i was in sorrow~
kakasai: ♫ since the day you commented on my hair
kakasai: ♫...uh..
kakasai: ♫ hmm hmm hmmmm~ i don't know a rhyme that matches~
kakasai: ♫ AND HARUTO
kakasai: ♫ OHHH DON'T YOU KNOW
kakasai: ♫ you're my best friend, my amigo
kakasai: ♫ forever, (even though you're sometimes an AHO)
kakasai: ♫ ohhh, haruto
kakasai: ♫ ....
kakasai: ♫ ....
kakasai: ♫ so thanks, haruto~~ -strums guitar-
kakasai: *bows*
kakasai: ^_^

Haruto is teh best sensei evar! :D

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