GoRilla Editor

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A freeware SGF Reader / Viewer / Game Editor for Go.

( Windows program. )

Website: [ext] http://www.dashstofsk.net/gorilla.html
Author: Dashstofsk

http://www.dashstofsk.net/Icons/tn_GoRilla14.gif........ http://www.dashstofsk.net/Icons/tn_GoRilla18_Document.png

April 2020 - Version 18 of the program was released.

Some new features:

  • Navigation Positions. New functionality to store up to 10 positions for quick navigation.
  • Display. Better presentation for large resolution screens. Functionality to increase the dialog font size in case you are attempting to use GoRilla on a small screen notebook laptop.
  • Branch Auto Label. New functionality to auto-label branches when they are created.

Program Features

  • Platform. Windows family of operating systems, XP and later.
  • Game files are stored using the SGF gaming format. Branching is supported, enabling many lines of play to be held in a game file.
  • SGF Collections are supported. Many games can be held within a game file.
  • This is a multi-game program. In addition to Go, the following are also supported: Othello / Reversi, Hex, Unlur, Kropki and Havannah.
  • SGF Import. Games can be added by direct pasting of SGF text.
  • SGF Export. SGF text for games can be copied to the Windows clipboard.
  • GIF, BMP. Diagrams can be exported as GIF images or copied to the Windows clipboard as BMP images.
  • ASCII Export. The program can generate ASCII text representations of game positions.
  • Bookmarks. Game positions can be bookmarked.
  • Comments. Users are able to add comments to a game position.
  • Compose. Users can set the pieces on the board in any starting state. Game positions can be modified.
  • RTF Export. Games can be exported as a document in RTF file format and displayed using your choice of Word / Office document software, from which you will be able to make edits, reformat, save as DOC, save as PDF.
  • Printing. Games can be printed. Printing can be done after display of the RTF export.
  • Player Statistics. Player statistics for games can be viewed. Player name misspellings can be globally corrected. Games may be exported by player.
  • Configuration. Users are able to set their preferences for colours, sizes and fonts.
  • SGF V[], N[] Parameters. SGF scores and node names are supported.
  • Backup. Backups are taken by the program as a protection against game loss.

File Formats


Comments, Suggestions, Feedback

Please do put forward any comments and suggestions that you may have. I would like people to support me in my aim to develop the product further so all opinions will be welcomed.

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