GoRilla Editor

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A freeware SGF Reader / Viewer / Game Editor for Go.

( Windows program. )

Website: [ext] http://www.dashstofsk.net/gorilla.html
Author: Dashstofsk

http://www.dashstofsk.net/Icons/tn_GoRilla14.gif........ http://www.dashstofsk.net/Icons/tn_GoRilla15_Document.png

February 2016 - Version 16.1 of the program was released.

The main enhancement in version 16 is the generation of documents of games in RTF file format.

Further developments are planned for the future. Versions will be released as soon as appropriate.

Program Features

  • Platform. Windows family of operating systems, XP and later.
  • Game files are stored using the SGF gaming format. Branching is supported, enabling many lines of play to be held in a game file.
  • SGF Collections are supported. Many games can be held within a game file.
  • This is a multi-game program. In addition to Go, the following are also supported: Othello / Reversi, Hex, Unlur, Kropki and Havannah.
  • SGF Import. Games can be added by direct pasting of SGF text.
  • SGF Export. SGF text for games can be copied to the Windows clipboard.
  • GIF, BMP. Diagrams can be exported as GIF images or copied to the Windows clipboard as BMP images.
  • ASCII Export. The program can generate ASCII text representations of game positions.
  • Bookmarks. Game positions can be bookmarked.
  • Comments. Users are able to add comments to a game position.
  • Compose. Users can set the pieces on the board in any starting state. Game positions can be modified.
  • RTF Export. Games can be exported as a document in RTF file format and displayed using your choice of Word / Office document software, from which you will be able to make edits, reformat, save as DOC, save as PDF.
  • Printing. Games can be printed. Printing can be done after display of the RTF export.
  • Player Statistics. Player statistics for games can be viewed. Player name misspellings can be globally corrected. Games may be exported by player.
  • Configuration. Users are able to set their preferences for colours, sizes and fonts.
  • SGF V[], N[] Parameters. SGF scores and node names are supported.
  • Backup. Backups are taken by the program as a protection against game loss.

File Formats


Comments, Suggestions, Feedback

Please do put forward any comments and suggestions that you may have. I would like people to support me in my aim to develop the product further so all opinions will be welcomed.

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