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Go has started in Ukraine in mid 70-ies after the publication of a series on Go in the Soviet 'Science and life' magazine. Initially small communities using self-made boards and stones were born in several cities, yet many other potential players could not find partners.

The second 'Science and life' series in 80-ies gave an additional boost to the development of the game. The factory-made equipment appeared.


The major Go centers in Ukraine are the capital Kiev, Rivne and Odessa. There are some dan-level players in other towns and cities but they are not backed up by constantly working clubs.


Currently, as of 2010, the major tournaments are Ukrainian Go Championship, Ukrainian Go Cup and Ukrainian Meijin.

The Ukrainian Go Championship is the most important competition. It is held each year by a three-stage system. Every go player in the country is admitted to the first stage tournament, 2nd league, held usually in April. The 1st league held in September is a tournament for 16 selected players. The Highest league is held in December. It is a round-robin tournament of 8 strongest players that determines the Ukrainian Champion.

The Ukrainian Go Cup is held in October. It is a McMahon tournament open to everybody.

The Ukrainian Meijin is the all-year competiton that consists of the qualification stage, the Meijin League and the Title Match. Every player can apply for the qualification stage. 9 qualifiers play in the round-robin league one game per month to determine the challenger. The time allowance is 2.5 hours for each players which is rather big. The Title Match is disputed to 3 wins and is usually reproduced on KGS.


Website Ukrainian Go Federation (!UFGO): [ext] http://ufgo.org/

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