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Feigning dissatisfaction (sighs, small gestures) about alleged own mistakes in order to lull down opponent's awareness, giving him added wrong security, is a part of psychological warfare.

One could discuss whether that's against Go-Etiquette.

Ogling the dame is another common psychological ploy. Looking intently at a part of the board where there is nothing going on, well perhaps some mild aji, so as to attract your opponent to play there. Of course, you don't want him to look elsewhere and see that move that could ruin your position.

Example when not:

  • 'Harry' a 3-dan Go player in Berlin was always sighing, moaning, complaining .... when his position was promising!

He shut up, kept quieter when he really had to ponder how to escape from a bad position.

It was so obvious, that one could feel trapped only the first time.

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