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Player of a 1d strength who likes to review games and teach and intends to reach 3d until summer 2008.


  • which area is developable?
  • which side is more valuable
  • forget bad stones, help major group
  • one has to reduce opp's developable area.

How to approach life and death

How to live with an inside group?

  1. Can you make two eyes immediately? If yes - do it.If no --
  2. Can you split two small rooms? Each room is available for a real eye. If yes - do it.If no --
  3. How to make room as big as possible?

How to attack an inside group?

  1. Is there any eye-point inside? If yes, destroy eye point. If no --
  2. Squeeze from the door

How to deal with Cross-cut


this is a cross-cut
do you know how to handle the cross-cut
extend? at e16?
but n ot the best
there are a few questions we have to ask
first, can you capture any opp's cutting stone immediately?
if yes, do it.
if no, ask 2nd question
can you save both of your cutting stones?
if yes, help weaker one
which one is weaker?
so, please help inside stone first
which is the better way to help it?
b16 doesn't help b stone at all
b17 is ok. but c18 is better. why?
capure wd17
can capture white d17.
both b17 and c18 helped b c17 weak stone
but b17 puts pressure on w's stronger stone
and c18 puts pressure on white's weaker stone

  1. 1 - capture opp's cutting stone
  2. 2 help your own weaker stone.

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