Enclosure nomenclature

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Bob Myers: The Japanese pronunciations should be kogeima-jimari, ikken-jimari, ogeima-jimari. Which I would change, except the wrong Japanese pronunciation is set up as an alias to the corresponding page for each type of enclosure. Note: pronunciations are given correctly on the "enclosures" page.

Charles We seem to have got to this point: small low enclosure is recommended as good English, kogeima-jimari is a good alias as correct Japanese. I deprecate small low shimari as a mixed message; and Japanese-speakers deprecate kogeima shimari as dog-Japanese (this has appeared in many English-language texts down the years). The argument (OpeningSystematicClassification/Bob and JF on readability) applies to deprecate 3453 enclosure, as any other systematic nomenclature. And there's stop the notation madness, too.

On the other hand, SL is an ongoing business, and I don't see that it stops while everyone chews over this point.

DougRidgway My chinese book uses xiao ma = small horse or pony for this enclosure. I kind of like "pony enclosure".

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