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"I think this is a case of the head of the snake meeting the tail of the dragon. The snake may get in a bite or two, but if the dragon gets annoyed it can crush the snake with a sweep of its tail, hardly even tapping its power. But you don't see dragons very often (even though it's up to us which one we want to be).

---  Janice Kim and Jeong Soo-hyun: Learn to Play Go: Volume III

My aim is to become a dragon.

27th October 2003 I started playing go. I read the rules then found kgs and played a few 9x9 games. I can still remember the feeling from my first game. I'd never played a game so simple and yet so deep before. I was hooked

November 2003 I played my first 19x19 game.

June 2004 I'd reached 5k at my local club.

August 2004 First go tournament. Entered as a 5k and ended up 2/3

27th October 2004 After a year I am about 4k. I am suprised with my knowledge that I have got so far (it felt far at the time).

31st October 2004 Second tournament. Entered at 4k went 3/4

2005 At the beginning of the year I am about 1k.

June 2005 3rd tournament. Entered as 1k and ended up 3/6

August 2005 4th tournament. Entered as 1d and ended up 1/3 I'm not a shodan yet :) Which is nice because I'd like to feel that I'm actually coming to grasps with the game before I get there.

24th August 2005 I am going to put more effort into my go, I want to be shodan by the time I've been playing two years.

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