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Dusty is a Go player on KGS. He is currently 18k =] He's not that good of a player but he likes to play anyways. His longest losing streak was 92 loses =P

April 21 2008: IM 15k!!!!!! Wow this is way sooner than i thought! Yay! i can't believe it. maybe ill get to 10k next month! LOL.

April 17 2008: Woo, i'm up to 16k now! i dropped to 18k then went to 17k and just today i moved up to 16k! maybe ill get to 15k sooner than i thought i would =]

April 6 2008: Well i think i'm getting better despite my not playing a lot. Ive moved up to 17k which made me happy =] i hope to get around 15k by june and in the summer by the end of August i hope to get around 10k =]

Tamsin: Welcome to Sensei's Library, Dusty! I noticed your page because I have a beautiful pet cat called Dusty :-) I'm so glad you are continuing to play go despite a 92-game losing streak - it shows you have perseverance, and so I'm sure you'll get a lot stronger. Do your best!

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