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I do not own Doctor Who or the Sarah Jane Adventures. Both are the work of the BBC.

Yumi was back to playing Go in the human world. She was currently in the middle of a Judan match, in which she was the title-holder being challenged. She was hoping to get rid of the title, but nobody would accept it if she threw all her games in the title matches. Of course, she would definitely be stuck with the title forever if she played with her full strength. Therefore, she and her opponent had agreed to make do with teaching games.

This guy can read pretty far ahead into the game, thought Yumi as she and her opponent played into the early mid-game. I'll just read one or two moves further, and eventually he'll catch up to the bar I've set. Then I'll raise the bar.

At the end of the game, Yumi won by two and a half points.

"Thank you for the game," said Yumi.

"Thank you for the game," repeated her opponent. "I learned a lot from that game, Yamada-Sensei."

"Please don't call me that," said Yumi, blushing. "You're more than twice my age!" Even counting the fact that I aged about a year in no time, he's still more than twice my age, she added silently.

"Sorry, Yamada-san."

I guess that'll do, thought Yumi. People older than Yumi usually called her "Yamada-chan," but that was before she had become famous in the Go community. She was okay with people younger than she calling her "Sensei."

"This is a lot more fun than when you simply aimed at winning by half a point," said Yumi's opponent. There are still some of us who think you're still patronizing us, but I think that you will lead us into a bright new future of Go."

Yumi blushed again. She really wasn't one for receiving above-average praise.

"By the way," said her opponent, "There's a British boy taking the pro exam right now. He's undefeated so far, and I suspect he's been doing the same thing that you used to do. All I know is that he keeps winning by exactly half a point."

"I'll look into it," said Yumi. "I might like to play him, but I have no idea how we could make that happen."

"You could play him in the traditional Shinshodan match," suggested the man. "You are 9dan, after all."

"I'll look into it," said Yumi. "I don't want to jump to conclusions."

[ext] Sarah Jane Adventures Opening Title Sequence

Luke Smith had passed the pro exam, completely undefeated. His mother, Sarah Jane Smith, had promised to meet him for the end of his stay. She had been too busy to come with him for the whole trip.

"Luke!" cried a familiar voice that did not belong to Sarah Jane.

Luke turned around to find Maria Jackson jumping on him to hug him.

"Maria! What are you doing here?"

"My dad has a conference meeting in Japan," said Maria. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm taking an exam to become a professional Go player," said Luke. "So did your dad switch jobs again?"

"No, but his company started forming a partnership with a Japanese company," explained Maria.

"Konnichi wa, Luke-kun," said Maria's father, Alan Jackson.

"Konnichi wa, Jackson-san," repeated Luke. "You speak Japanese?" he asked in Japanese.

"Yes, I speak Japanese," said Mr. Jackson in English so that Maria wouldn't feel left out. "After all, I'm an expert at hacking into computer systems. It helps to speak the languages of various documents. Your Japanese is also very good."

"I learned how to speak English fluently on the day that the Bane created me three years ago," said Luke, who had the biology of a fifteen-year-old teenager. "What did you expect, Mr. Jackson?"

"You can call me Alan," said Alan Jackson.

"Honestly, though, what are the odds that we run into each other here?" asked Maria.

"Not as small as you might think," answered Luke, "considering that I've been staying here for a few months. But the odds are still pretty small."

"I can't believe it! It's Maria!" said the voice of Clyde Langer. Luke turned around to see his African friend accompanied by his other friend, an Indian girl named Rani Chandra, and Sarah Jane Smith, his mother.

"Oh my gosh!" said Maria.

"Why Maria?" asked Alan. "What about Luke?"

"Well, of course Luke's here," said Clyde. "He goes without saying. It's because of him that we're here."

Maria then noticed a robotic dog at Sarah Jane's feet.

"Is that K9?" she exclaimed.

"Affirmative," said the dog.

"I thought he was busy watching over a miniature black hole," said Maria.

"After you left, a friendly alien got rid of the black hole for us," explained Rani.

"But you can't just have K9 wandering around in public, can you?" said Maria.

"Sure we can," said Sarah Jane. "Look around you."

Maria then noticed a whole bunch of K9s roaming around with small children who were holding remote controls.

"Mr. Smith made an anonymous suggestion to the market for a new toy," explained Sarah Jane. "Now K9 can blend in and keep a lower profile. We could use some help from sentient machines if something goes wrong. It's not like we can take Mr. Smith with us. He's built in to my attic wall."

"Those toys are crude immitations of myself!" complained K9. "Why was I the only one who had to be transported in storage?"

"Because there was no way that the airport security would let you through the metal detector," answered Sarah Jane.

[ext] Doctor Who Soundtrack: March of the Sontarans

Back in England, the BBC director drove into a parking lot. He got out of his car and walked towards his office building. On the way, he walked straight into an invisible solid object.


The object became visible, revealing a sphere with a diameter about as long as the length of a car. A door in the sphere opened, and an egg-shaped alien creature stepped out.

"Um, welcome to Earth," said the director nervously. "What do you want?"

"I'm looking for someone who goes by the alias D-R-J-R (Dee Are Jay Are)," said the alien. "I need to borrow your television station to draw him out."

"Who is this drjr?" asked the director. "Have you met him?"

"Not face-to-face," answered the alien. "I've only communicated with him over a distance. I know nothing about him except that he's on Earth."

"One problem," said the director. "What if drjr isn't watching the BBC?"

"Leave that to me," said the alien. "My superior technology can reroute the signal of every television unit."

"But even then, will drjr reveal himself just because I tell him to?" asked the director.

"If he cares about the lives of other humans, yes he will."

"That's sick!" said the director. "I won't do it. I never thought I'd say this, but you can kill me before I agree to that!"

"That won't be necessary," said the alien. "I find that more direct approaches can be quite persuasive."

While Alan Jackson was at the board meeting, the rest of the gang went to a restaurant for sushi. They sat together in a straight line, with Luke further to the right than the rest of the gang.

As luck would have it, Yamada Yumi wound up sitting right next to Luke.

"You're Yamada Yumi!" said Luke in Japanese.

"That's me," said Yumi.

"I read about you in Go Weekly," said Luke.

"Yeah, that's how most people know my name," said Yumi. "I'm actually kind of embarrassed at the attention I'm getting."

"I'm Luke Smith," said Luke. "Pleasure to meet you."

"Pleasure to meet you too," replied Yumi. "Aren't you the one who took the Go pro exam and came out undefeated?"

"That's right," said Luke.

"Who's she?" asked Clyde from Luke's left side. "Do you know her, Luke?"

"I've read about her in the newspaper," said Luke.

"What were you talking about?" asked Clyde.

"If it helps, I speak English," said Yumi in English, with a moderately strong Japanese accent. "But your Japanese is very good, Smith-kun."

"Arigatou, Yamada-san," said Luke.

"Luke, you've made your point," said Clyde. "She's obviously very impressed, but in the mean time I can't understand a word you're saying."

"Sorry," said Luke.

Suddenly, the television hanging from the ceiling of the restaurant changed channels.

"This is the BBC," said a spooky, monotonic voice. "We know you're out there, D-R-J-R. Show yourself or people will start dying."

"drjr?" repeated Yumi, recognizing those four Roman letters.

"If you want my master's hostages to live, call this number." A telephone number flashed across the screen, and the man on TV read it out loud. "Tell us where you are. Don't bother traveling too far. My master will come to you."

"He sounds like he's been hypnotized," said Maria.

"Who's drjr?" asked Clyde.

"Doctor Junior," answered Yumi. "I use that screen name when playing Go online."

Actually, I use that name when playing Go across the universe, she thought. I've never used that name anywhere else. It must be someone from the Intergalactic Go Salon.

"Why would someone hold such a big grudge against you that he'd go this far?" asked Luke.

"You'd be surprised," said Yumi. She took out her cellphone and dialed the number.

"Thank you for calling," said a recorded voice. "Your call will be traced to your location."

"Oh boy," said Yumi. "I should go where there are fewer people around as quickly as possible."

"We should come with you," said Sarah Jane."This could be dangerous."

"Are you police?" asked Yumi.

"Not officially," said Sarah Jane. "But we have some valuable experience in protecting the public."

"Even so, this could be even too dangerous for any cop," said Yumi.

"That's exactly the sort of danger that we tend to solve," said Sarah Jane.

Yumi got into her car and drove to the site of the abandoned warehouse that collapsed nineteen years ago. Sarah Jane followed in her rental car, taking Luke, Clyde, Maria and Rani with her.

A third car followed the first two to the site, driven by Alan Jackson.

"Are you dragging my Maria into another dangerous alien shenanigan?" he asked after everyone had arrived and vacated their cars. "Count me in."

"Aliens?" repeated Yumi.

"Oops," said Alan, clapping his hand over his mouth.

"It's okay," said Yumi. "I've met aliens too. I just didn't know you had."

"I'm sorry, I don't think we've been introduced," said Alan. "I'm Alan Jackson."

"I'm Yamada Yumi," said Yumi.

The rest of the gang introduced themselves.

"Excuse me, but I have detected the presence of an alien life form," said K9.

"What, you mean that Sontaran standing right in front of us?" asked Maria.

"Affirmative," said K9.

"Fat lot of help you are," said Clyde.

"Which of you three is drjr?" asked the Sontaran.

"Three?" repeated Luke. "There are seven of us. Eight if you count K9."

"I think he's only counting the men," said Sarah Jane.

"Are you suggesting that I was outperformed by a female?" said the Sontaran rudely.

"I beg your pardon?" said Yumi angrily.

"Don't take it personally," said Sarah Jane. "The Sontarans are a clone race. They don't reproduce the way we do. Therefore they only have one gender."

"Exactly," said the Sontaran. "We have no need for a secondary reproductive gender."

"Secondary?" repeated Yumi angrily. "When I'm through with you, you'll know the true meaning of secondary!" Yumi didn't feel like being very modest to this jerk.

"I like her," said Clyde.

"Yamada-san, allow me," said Luke.

"No offense, Luke," said Clyde, "but do you really think that you can measure up to her tough-talk?"

"I prefer a more peaceful approach," said Luke. "Gender isn't primary or secondary," he told the Sontaran. "It's more like a magnet. Every magnet has a north pole and a south pole, which are completely indistinguishable except for their effects on each other. So if every magnet in the universe were to reverse polarity instantly and simultaneously, nobody would be able to tell the difference."

"Hmm," said the Sontaran. "Your logic has its insight. But I still won't allow myself to be disgraced by a puny human!"

"What did you do to him?" asked Rani.

"I beat him in a game of Go," answered Yumi.

"What's so disgraceful about that?" asked Clyde. "Wasn't Go invented by humans?"

"Actually, no," said Yumi.

"Oh, I see," said Clyde. "Aliens secretly taught us how to play it thousands of years ago?"

"No," said Yumi.

"Then how could independant civilizations come up with the same game by coincidence?" asked Clyde.

"If the game is Go, then it's quite simple," said Luke. "Go has only a few simple rules, which derive into endlessly complex strategy. Some say it's the perfect game."

"Enough talking!" demanded the Sontaran. "I demand a rematch!"

"He wants revenge by playing Go?" asked Maria.

"The Sontarans are very proud creatures," explained Sarah Jane. "Often times pride can only be regained in the same manner in which it was lost."

"What I'd like to know is how the Sontaran knew I was on Earth," said Yumi. "The Doctor told me that the subspace signal was untracable."

"It is," said the Sontaran. "But I recognized the spelling of your alias as an Earth alphabet. I also knew that this particular signal couldn't cross the time stream, so you had to be in this time period, before humans made it into space past your own moon."

[ext] Hikaru no Go Soundtrack: Kono Itte no Subete wo

The Sontaran provided his own board, along with a binary randomization machine to choose for color. Yumi played black.

"Onegaishimasu," said Yumi, bowing.

"Sontar, ha!" replied the Sontaran, slamming one fist into the palm of his other hand.

The last time Yumi had beaten the Sontaran with her interstellar console, they had made it to the endgame. This time, however, Yumi happened to win a large capturing race, putting the Sontaran significantly behind.

This was the point where the Sontaran would resign. Instead, he pulled out his gun.

"If I can't get my honor back, then I'll bury my dishonor!"

"HALT!" screamed a voice from behind the Sontaran. "YOU - WILL - NOT - LAY - ONE - FIN-GER - ON - THE - FE-MALE, OR - ELSE - YOU - WILL - BE - Ex-TER-MI-NA-TED!"

The Sontaran turned around to find himself facing one of the few things he was afraid of - a Dalek.

"H-hang on," he stuttered. "Why are you protecting a human?"

"Okay, you got me," said Dalek Ces. "I'm not like the Daleks you're familiar with. But then again, you are a particularly dishonorable Sontaran."

"How many other Daleks are here?" asked the Sontaran.

"Just me," said Ces.

"Good," said the Sontaran, pointing his gun at Dalek Ces. Before he could fire, however, Clyde picked up a Go stone and flung it at the Sontaran from behind. It hit him square on the back of the neck.

The Sontaran wheezed and fell face-first to the ground.

"What did you do to him?" asked Yumi.

"The back of his neck is the weak spot," answered Clyde.

"That's how the Sontarans respire," explained Luke. "They don't eat or breathe. The valves on the back of their necks provide them with all the respiratory energy they need."

When the Sontaran came to, his hands were tied together, and Sarah Jane was pointing his own gun at him.

"Get into your spaceship and go back to Sontar," she said.

The Sontaran obeyed.

"He's got a nasty surprise waiting for him," said Dalek Ces with a slight hint of a laugh. "I have Dalek contacts hiding on Sontar, ready to broadcast everything I saw here. The other Sontarans won't be pleased."

"Doctor Junior," said Sarah Jane. "You said you knew the Doctor, didn't you? You said he gave you the Go console with the subspace signal?"

"I sure do know him," said Yumi. "In a sense, he's my father."

"What do you mean, 'In a sense?'" asked Alan.

"Well, my biological father and the Doctor are all but the same person," said Yumi.

"That does not compute," said K9. "Your DNA is 100% human and 0% Time Lord."

"The Doctor took me back in time to before I was born," explained Yumi. "For complicated reasons, he had to convert himself into a human."

"But then he's still the same person, isn't he?" asked Rani.

"Not quite," said Yumi. "He erased his mind and replaced it with a human mind. Actually, he didn't erase it so much as move it somewhere else. The only way for him to get his mind back was to erase my father's mind and turn him back into a Time Lord."

"You mean that your father and the Doctor couldn't coexist?" asked Maria. "Only one of them could live?"

"That's right," said Yumi sadly.

"Ouch," said Alan. "That must have been painful."

"It was," said Yumi. "In the end, I got kidnapped by Daleks. My father was powerless to save me, but the Doctor could. Therefore, my father gave his own life to bring the Doctor back."

"I feel remorse like no Dalek has ever felt in eons," said Dalek Ces. "Can you ever forgive me?"

"If I hadn't forgiven you already," answered Yumi, "I probably wouldn't have helped you adapt to a better life."

"You helped me after all the damage I did to you," said Ces. "I shall be in your debt forever."

"What did you do, exactly?" asked Alan.

"I taught him how to play Go," said Yumi. "By learning that, he learned the true meaning of victory."

"Are you kidding me?" said Clyde. "That is so anticlimactic!"

"If any game can do that, it's Go," said Luke. "I imagine that the ideal game for Daleks would be Checkers, since you win that game by ridding the board of every playing piece that belongs to your opponent."

"Yeah, but still," argued Clyde, "You can't just walk up to a Dalek and say, 'Excuse me, but before you exterminate me, would you fancy playing a board game with me first?'"

Yumi told the details of her story.

"So basically, the Daleks couldn't kill you?" said Maria.

"That's right," said Yumi.

"Works for me," said Rani.

"By the way, Smith-kun," said Yumi, "The Shinshodan series will take place soon, and I'd like to be your opponent."

"Wouldn't that make you the youngest professional to play white in a Shinshodan game?" asked Luke.

"Yes, it would," said Yumi, blushing a little.

"What's the Shinschmathingy series?" asked Clyde.

"Shinshodan," corrected Luke. "It's when a top-level pro plays a game against a shodan, or a new pro who just passed the exam to become pro. The shodan plays black, thereby playing the first move. Black also gets a reverse komi."

"Reverse what?" asked Maria.

"The komi rule gives white six and a half points to compensate for black's advantage of playing first," explained Yumi. "In the Shinshodan series, the komi is reversed, giving black six and a half points as a handicap."

"But Luke, do you really need a handicap?" asked Rani.

"Against an ordinary Earth pro, probably not," said Luke. "But against Yamada-san, who defeated a Sontaran, I just might."

One Shinshodan game later...

"So, how did your shinsho-whatever game go?" asked Clyde.

"I won the Shinshodan game by half a point," answered Luke.

"I knew you'd win," said Clyde. "Didn't you win all your games in that exam tournament by half a point?"

"That's different," said Luke. "In this game, I was trying to get as far as possible. But she got the best of me."

"But you won," argued Clyde.

"Only by half a point, with a reverse komi," argued Luke. "If that were an even game, I would have lost by twelve and a half points."

"I guess there's someone out there as gifted as Luke," said Maria.

"She is the Doctor's daughter, after all," said Rani.

"But the Doctor made himself human when he became her father, didn't he?" said Clyde.

"Exactly," said Luke. "He made himself human - as in, he gave himself artificial human DNA, just like the Bane gave me when they created me. After all, I am human, even if I'm genetically engineered."

"She's also had practice against aliens," added Rani. "I imagine that would give her experience with how they play."

The End. And no, I will not make a Torchwood special. Torchwood is rated R, so it has no place in this fanfic.

Guess what I lied. I found a way to include Torchwood into my fanfic without raising the rating. Some Torchwood fans may think that I am watering down the quality of Torchwood by censoring the R-rated material, but I have a plot device excuse for that. Read to find out.

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