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deMangler is the gaming tag of a human who has been a player of, student of, and creator of, games and related activities since the 1970's. Usually not a winner of though...

It appears the set of games is the universal set, Which I guess means this universe must be a non-standard variant.

With age has come the time to give the game GO the attention it deserves.

I'm on OGS: [ext]

Stuff I'm Currently Studying (So I don't lose track...)

Reading Books:

Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go - Toshoiro Kageyama

Shape Up! - Charles Matthews, Seong-June Kim

The Palace of Memory - Janice Kim

[ext] Dsuan shape lecture on YouTube

[ext] "Let's make Go easier!" by In-seong 8dan

[ext] - Seems to be relevant to me improving at this stage.

Seems like most teaching material is above my level at this stage, In order for it to connect with my brain I need to play a lot of games before reading too much. Note to Self... I play best when I treat go like a permadeath rogue-like.

Most games I lose at TPK are due to not seeing false eyes.

My Go links

[ext] KaTrain

[ext] Way to Go


[ext] Dsuan shape lecture on YouTube

[ext] "Let's make Go easier!" by In-seong 8dan

[ext] Nyig_Go

[ext] Nick Sibicky

[ext] In Sente

Currently Inspiring Quotes

"Try playing through pro-pro handicap game every day with unquestioning mind. Eventually, without your being aware of it, the professional feeling will sink in. Try it, even if you don't think it will work. 'The boys in the temple learn the prayers without anyone's teaching them.' People play go because it is interesting. They play through games because it is fun. Actually, this innocent attitude is a ceaseless well-spring of energy. Take the long view; your seeds will surely blossom some day. Toward the joy of that moment."

- Kageyama Toshiro Sensei


"The main reason to prefer light shape... that it makes defensive tasks easier. A characteristic mistake of amateur players is to make heavy shape: to develop groups without sufficient regard to their future defensive requirements. This problem manifests itself in various ways: reluctance to sacrifice stones, even those without any great strategic significance; a greedy attitude to invasions, not admitting that the opponent deserves at least some territory; reduction plays that are too deep, and which have to struggle for life; too many solid connections and groups underdeveloped because of unreasonable fear of later cuts or invasions. Strong players are keen on sacrificing stones. They can do that successfully, for several reasons: understanding of which stones can be sacrificed, and which are essential; good technique to get the most out of a sacrifice; accurate judgement of the resulting position; and a sharp eye for later use of stones given up."

- Shape Up! - Charles Matthews, Seong-June Kim

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