Black plays first  

After B1 there is a ko in the corner.

Locally, Black has 12 points of territory. White has 11 points. White can also count black+circle as 1/3 point. The local count is thus +2/3 (for Black).

White plays first  

After W1, if Black connects with B3, White will capture five Black stones with W4. (See Connect and Die.)

Later, White can play W3 - B4 with sente.[1] The play could also go, B4 - W3, starting the ko. We may think of W3 and B4 as miai.

Black has 11 points of territory. After B4 he can also count 1/3 point for W3. White has 11 points of territory plus 1 captured stone, black+circle. The local count is -2/3.

From the original position Black could play one move to a position worth +2/3, or White could play one move to a position worth -2/3. So the original position has a count of 0, and each player has a gote with a miai value of 2/3.


Under rare circumstances Black can fight and win the ko, but that does not affect the evaluation.

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