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Remember that in atari go you don't need two eyes to live. One eye is enough as long as it's two spaces or bigger

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A daring invasion  

White starts with a daring 3-2 point invasion. Black must play B2 because if White plays there she has a large enough eye in the corner. W3 has to move outside and not into the corner because then Black plays B3 and kills. Black now has 3 ways to resist

First resistance

Black plays a  

B4 is the weakest resistance. It protects the corner but leaves the side wide open. White jumps and plays hane-tsugi in sente and lives with W11.

Second resistance

Black plays b  

B4 protects the side but leaves to much cutting points. After W7 the circle are miai and White will capture some stones.

Third resistance

Black plays c  

B4 offers the strongest resistance. White forces with W5-B12 and then plays W13. Note that Black can never play at circle so White can play there whenever she wants.

Black plays c  

Therefore Black has to play B14 in an attempt to kill White's group. But after W19 it's clear that B14 was an overplay.

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