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Archaic: Something as important as this shouldn't be put in the backlight. You know this all too full well and at this point you are just trying to hide it for some unknown reason. If that's the case, feel free to, because I am done trying to give out charity and getting backlash in return. If you insist on being annoying, then so be it I will treat you like a person on Kgs. Meaning, if you continuously assume that I'm dumb, then I will treat you like dirt just the same. If you do not respect me, then I will not respect you, got it? The actions of certain persons on KGS are fit deem to place them in jail if they did such things in open society. Don't be like one of them. I never knew why you people in the Go community have decided to stand up and disrespect me out of the blue one day, but I'm warning you now not to do it any longer. This is for your own good as Heaven is much more mean than I am. This time i'm not gently hinting to you that i'm not dumb anymore. Next time you won't be so lucky. I'm also not afraid of being banned as you can well tell from many various bans on different sites for the sake of what's Right. And yes this time it's a threat to your life. And no i'm not whining, i'm making a statement. You cannot tell by just mere words that i'm whining or not.

I don't like your tone of voice. The thing is, I don't respect you guys anymore, especially not you guys from KGS. So, if you apologize to me, heaven will forgive you. If not, then you can enjoy your consequences as you are wiped out in the mass elimination. You are no longer deserving of respect. Not from me, not from Falun Gong practitioners, not from society, and definitely not from God. God only respects those who respect me, for I am his right-hand man. I am very close to the Master Li of FLG. That bit was not a threat, it was merely a factual statement, if you do not obey the laws of Heaven, you will suffer. It is as simple as that. I do not care what laws you obey in society but you absolutely must respect Heaven. There are many normal people on KGS, you misfits including the admins are just a small minority. The ones with the loudest barks are the most arrogant as someone told me. Despite what you believe, the mass of society would agree with me that you simply do not show respect for me. Ask yourself in the end, what is your issue with me? And what is your disdain for showing respect to those superior than yourself? You would show respect to a fashion icon, but not to me? Let me tell you something, I AM iconic. But that's not particularly because I dress nicely, that's because you should respect me, otherwise you will feel the consequences later on in your life. And this once again is a fact, and not a threat. I am a key icon in the overall FLG movement, and if you do not respect me, you do not respect the universe in which you live in. I cannot make this any clearer.

See [ext] here for context.

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