Another home made goban with How To

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My Board:

(Link does not work. As of November 2010) AFTER
The Story Behind Hikaru's Board: I had just learned how to play go and was about to go to my first go club appearance. I decided I wanted to take a board with me so I went looking for a cheap beginners board. The only one I found was the one in the "Before" picture. I was disappointed so I left it at my house when I went to the club. A couple of weeks later, during the summer of '07, I decided to work on it. I went to my grandfather's house for help and we began the "Extreme Go Board Makeover"!! First, we got an old plywood shelf and cut it to the dimensions of the board (except that it was about 1.5in high). Then we sanded the paint off and wood glued it and clamped it to the board. Then we cut 1.5in tall and .75in wide pieces of wood to the length of each side of the board. We cut the edges of the lengths at 45 degree angles and stained them a dark chestnut color. 24 hours later the board and the stain was dry. Then we glued the edges on the thicker board and clamped. Another 24 hrs... The next day we used a band-saw to cut the board in half. We then screwed hinges on the bottom and drilled holes for the pegs in each corner. The pegs are actually the ends of a tapestry hanging pole thing. Then we stained everything but the board top. 24hrs later... We lacquered the WHOLE board. When that was dry we put felt circles on the legs to protect them. It doesn't fold all of the way, but its a TON better!!!%%% If you have any questions on the board leave a message such as mafutrct did by clicking edit at the top of the page =D

My Stones

I have recently aquired Yunzi stones from Yellow Mountain Imports%%%Here's Some Pics!!:

Email me questions about board info or stone quality at

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