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My name is Alen Milkovic. I plays go in Oslo, Norway. But mostly I play as alenmilk on KGS.

I think amateurs are too obsessed with fighting. Yes, fighting is important and everything boils down to life and death. But always overplaying and cutting first and ask later style won't get you far i think. It will ruin your go. When you are dan level you have to spend ages on roughing out the insanity of your style. No thanks.

I try to play like pro's. Play moves i don't understand to try to discover why they are good. Always try to fit them into my framework of knowledge of go. Then I expand my knowledge taking lessons on and try again.

My motto is to never bother with watching amateur games. They can ruin my go.

There is no guarantee that my way of go will take me far, but I hope I can do this beautiful game some justice sometimes in the future.

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