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Born in Lubartów, Poland, 23-08-1984.

My EGF page. [ext]

TYGEM: 1d IGS: 3k KGS: 1k

My nickname on KGS was Ishikawa, but then most people started to call me Ishii, so I switched to it for most of my time. At this point, I switched my nickname to afterbreak (sometimes I hide under hideyuki), yes its more suited for me, cause I had more break from game than I played!

Started to play Go in August 2003 on IGS, then switched do KGS month later.

Around that time I knew there was not any club around my area so I decided to play on web only. Was playing on all servers that time I knew, Kurnink, IGS, KGS, and some korean server that doesn't exist now, but it was very good practice for me cause I didn't know that time how to play against overplays.

Oh right, very important word I learned that time, it was 'hamete', means overplay in jp, but in french means noodles haha

October 2003

Thanks to my friend from Kurnik server, Dominik 'Parn, I got in contact with Jarek Jusiak 'kaisuj' on KGS, he was player in Lublin that searched for people to create club. And I was first member! We meet on bus station, and went to his house to learn bout his plans, and to learn that I hate handicap games (I was weaker player really, he was givin me 9 stones) and I hated (and still hate) black stones, so I was always playing with him even games even tho there was very big difference in skill. I got from him book "Świat Go" author: Janusz Kraszek.

Not to soon after that our GO club got established in Lublin. We got like 6-7 people in it by December. Most of our members we got thanks to "Hikaru no Go".

January 2004

We got new member in our club Przemek 'Ashitaka', he introduced himself to Jarek as 10k, so it was funny to watch their match. Especially since Jarek was kinda scared of that game, cause he alone that time had around 12-14k on KGS. Of corse result was diffrent that it would seems so, Jarek won and took Przemek as his student.

Another important change around that time was that our Go club got united with 'Manga and Anime club' so we got few more members, some of them were talkin only bout Manga and Anime and some decided to play GO. It was fun! oh, and our club changed place where it was, to more easy place to get to!

Somewhere between January and April 2004

Jarek got in contact with Jan Lubos, that time Polish 3d, one of top players in Poland. Probably one of best Go teachers in Poland, since he taught lot of peoples here. Anyway back to topic, that time Janek said that there is some player that he taught long time ago, Tomek and he was 1k, he wanted to make contact with people around to play Go a bit. Since first meeting with him he was planing some big plans for club, like spread game around city, create tournaments and so on. Some plans got in motion, but about that later on. Anyway getting Tomek to our club make us rapidly grow in strength over short period of time. Around April we got our first girl in Go club, it was Marika Dubiel. Sadly later she moved to UK and then to.. well that would be long story.

around that time I stop playing Go mostly, cause of personal reasons, just got 2-3 times to Go club once a while.

April 2004

Great thanks to Jarek for makin it happen! Our first tournament in Lublin. It was small tournament, besides people from Lublin there was our friend Parn.

As 14k I lost all games by small margin. All games with 3,5 points!

here is EGF page for Tournament [ext]

November 2004

I made back for a sec to game, to meet friends that I knew.

Jarek and Tomek decided to make bigger tournament. The place decided that time was Biłgoraj. City where Tomek was living. That time I went to watch some games there on last day, cause of my studies. I meet few peoples from KGS, and got my first game on real board with 3d Janek Lubos. He said that time that my net strength is same as in real life.

It was very good tournament for our Club, that time Piotrek, brother of Ashitaka, became vice champion for u12. Before tournament he was playing very weak Go, but he made very big progress thanks to it!

Tournament EGF page. [ext]

After tournament I played like 1 month more then again had to break from game cause of health issues.

From this point over I just went to Go tournaments when I had a chance or my heart was make me do so, if not I could go creazy.

November 2007 Lublin

Local tournament in our club, there was 6 of us. Took that time 1st place.

EGF Page [ext]

May 2008

Fast back to game for like month, tried to get back for longer time

To that tournament I went with Bartek, a player from Zamość, he started as 7k. He won 3 out of 5 games.

And I got myself there as 6k, and got only 1 win of 5.

Although this tournament went as complete fiasco for result of mine games, I enjoyed it. I was on my first tournament besides Lublin one, and enjoyed that, tho my nerves were pretty much ragin that time, like always, so my concentration was very bad.

Tournament in Bielsko-Biala EGF Page: [ext]

June 2009 Pandanet Go European Cup

It was my first international tournament I took part! Meet a lot of friend from KGS, and made few more! I think all of us enjoyed Ting Li reaction for certain events on tournament, such cheerful player!

I won 5 out of 6 games!

EGF Page [ext]

September 2011 Polish Championship Qualification

That was like 2 weeks before I got back to game after another break from game, thanks to new member from Go club, Anna 'Inue' we decided on impulse to go to this tournament to took part in it. Trip was pretty nice we end up getting there by bus to Warsaw, then went by train to Lódź. We meet there Przemek (lived in warsaw since 2-3 years that time cause of studies) and Piotrek with few other friends.

Result of ours win/lost

Anna 18k - 4/5 Przemek 2k - 2/3 Piotrek 3k - 2/3 Myself 3k - 2/3

EGF Page [ext]

Around May 2012 I moved from Lublin to Warsaw, and decided not to get back to game at all, I was trying to make anything just not to play game. Personal issues made me, to make that decision..

May 2013

Since September tournament in 2011 I didn't play any game, but I felt that my heart and mind got exploded cause I couldn't play any game, it was very hard time. Around that time I started to change myself and to know what I want in life and what to do, but still it was long way to Go. Got to Lublin by accident, went cause of Studies of mine, and went to tournament to watch game. That time it was hell in my mind and heart, but Przemek made me play last 2 rounds, and so I did.

Result was 1/1

Tournament of Go in Lublin

EGF page: [ext]

May 2014

It was week since I moved back to Lublin from Warsaw. I understand that time that Go is very important to me, and no matter what I do, I cannot stop playing. Even tho there are moments that I hate this game more than ever cause I do not see any progress, but I will not stop playing.

Lublin got bigger tournament organized by Przemek and Piotrek with some help from other game players, like Othello, Gomoku, Shogi and few more. Besides playing in Go tournament I took part in Gomoku tournament, it was torment for my eyes, I was seein everywhere atari and so on, but even so it was fun!

Ogólnopolski Turniej Go w Lublinie

Result: 4 wins and 1 lost

Lost only to 4d Koichiro Habu, well I lost in very supper idiotic way, I killed myself very well in problem for 20k cause for missread haha.

EGF Page: [ext]

August 2014

I manage to find few web pages around internet. One of most fun is GoStyle web App: [ext]

according to this those 2 are always there: Similar style: Chen Yaoye Diffrent style: Honinbo Shuwa

17 August, yesterday I tried again app, happen to change a lot, my style becamed more focused on battle than it was before.

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