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Page 13: The word "duagran" appears under Diagram 1. This should probably be "diagram".

Page 123: Should there be black 8 at the 3-3 point in diagram 7?

Page 230: In Diagram 113-117, letter A labels the point immediately to the right of Black 113. For consistency with Diagram 39, letter A should label the point immediately below Black 113.

Page 233: Diagram 190-200 does not show moves 197 and 198. There should be a footnote explaining that 197 is a throw-in above 189, and that 198 is at 189.

Page 245: The main diagram is titled "54-62", but move 62 is not shown, even though it is discussed on the same page.

Page 317: The third and fourth paragraphs both refer to Diagram 29. The first of these two references should be to Diagram 28.

Page 319: The following text appears near Diagram 41: "If (triangled white stone) is not there, Black cannot connect up to that point after (white stone 14)". This should probably be "If (triangled white stone) is not there, Black can connect up to that point after (white stone 14)".

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