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Preferences work by sending a cookie to your browser. The cookie is set to expire in one year.


Username[1]: The username has to be a valid pagename, otherwise it will not be used. Basically this means: characters A-Z, digits 0-9 (no spaces allowed).
Persistent login: If checked, persistent login leaves you permanently logged in (for one year) until you explicitly log out. If unchecked, you are logged out when you close your browser. Use this at your home computer, but not at public terminals.
or This creates a new account with the username and password you have entered above.
or This only works, if you have set your email address.


Font:The font you select has to be available on your system to take effect.
Font size:The overall font size.
Content font size:The font size of the actual page content, compared to top and side bars, navigation aids etc.
Show comments: If enabled, comments in the wiki source will be shown. Otherwise they can only be seen while editing a page.
Community ads: If unchecked, then no ads will be shown in the left hand column.
Default diff view:
Text area columns:
Text area rows:
Default for MinorEdit: If checked, the minoredit checkbox is checked per default when editing a page.
Wiki experience level[2]:If you are an experienced deshi, some additional options are available to you.

[1] The username will show up in RecentChanges and at the bottom of each page as the user who last edited the page. If the corresponding page exists within STL (see HomePages?), then your name will also be linked.

[2] For more information see: [ext] levels of access

[3] Bookmarks appear at the top in the left (yellow) side bar. They have to be valid wiki links, like the ones you put into square brackets. Hints:

  • add "RandomPage|phpwiki:?random=1" to your bookmarks.
  • add "Page info & history | phpwiki:?info=_referrer_" or "Latest page diff | phpwiki:?diff=_referrer_" to your bookmarks if you like to access these functions from the sidebar (they are also available at the bottom of every page)

[4] RecentChanges settings are only available to "experienced" deshis with an account.

  • You can define up to four profiles (RC1 - RC4).
  • Name: name the profile. The name appears on RecentChanges. By deleting a name you delete the profile. Deleting the name of RC1 deletes all profiles.
  • View:
  • Period: select the number of days you would like to have listed.
  • Minor edits:
    • "No minoredits": no minor edits are shown.
    • "Watched pages": shows minor edits only for watched pages, but not for other pages.
    • "All pages": show all minor edits
  • Watched pages #1-#3: this relates to the three categories for watched pages. The first checkbox enables/disables the listing of these pages in RecentChanges. The HL checkbox enables/disables highlighting for these entries. By default category #3 pages are not shown in RecentChanges.
  • Pages contributed: these are pages you have edited within the period of time of the profile. The first checkbox enables/disables the listing of these pages, the HL checkbox enables/disables highlighting for these entries. Note: category highlighting takes precedence over contribution highlighting.
  • Other pages: any other pages, meaning pages that are not in one of the watched categories and have not been edited by you. The checkbox enables/disables the listing of these pages.
  • Time stamps: wether or not the entries should be preceeded with a time stamp (hh:mm).
  • Red line: enable/disable the red line feature. The red line indicates the time you last viewed RecentChanges. Anything above the red line are new entries, everything below the red line are old entries. The red line is only moved once every 30 minutes, i.e. if you visit RecentChanges within 30 minutes the red line is not moved. This is done for better usability.

[5] The email address can be used for upcoming features (e.g. resetting a password). It will not be sold/published anywhere. For more information see STL - privacy policy?.

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